'Point of View - Artists & the Landscape' exhibition at TPR Gallery

I have one photograph in the group exhibition 'Points of View - Artists in the Landscape' at TPR Gallery in Canberra. 

In 2009/10 I was working at a newspaper in Cairns in Far North Queensland. It was a great two years, as I spent most of it on the road, exploring places such as the Atherton Tablelands. I was always excited to do a job up on the Tablelands, because it offered incredible landscapes, interesting small towns and wonderful people to photograph. While I shot with digital cameras for work, I was aware that I was visiting places that I may indeed never visit again, and so I also shot for myself with colour film at the same time using a Mamiya 7ii medium format camera.

Untitled  (Queensland) 2009 (printed 2018) 112cm x 135cm, archival pigment print

Untitled (Queensland) 2009 (printed 2018) 112cm x 135cm, archival pigment print

I was assigned a job to photograph a land rejuvenation project that was taking place somewhere on the Atherton Tablelands, and like most days I took my film camera along. I can't exactly remember what the project was about, but I do remember thinking there was definitely an interesting picture of this man working alone in the landscape.

I was thinking about what to put in this show, one that has eight participating artists, and I had a look through my film from my time up north and came across this picture. I haven't really done anything with the couple hundred rolls of medium format colour film that I made up there all those years ago, and I really wanted to see what my scanner and printer were capable of in producing a large scale print.

The final work is 112cm x 135cm (44" x 53") and came up pretty well. Getting the colour accurate in post-production took a bit of work but I eventually got there and am happy with the result. The photograph is printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss heavyweight (330gsm) archival paper (the image has a 5cm white border) and is framed in a standard white frame.

Installation of '  Points of View - Artists in the Landscape  ' (2018).

Seeing this image, and looking through some of the other colour negs I made almost ten years ago, gave me a bit of excitement to go through them with a renewed sense of purpose. I reckon there's a few more interesting pictures in there that would be worthy of the same treatment. 

The exhibition continues until 6 May, so come and say 'Hi' at the Old Bus Depot Markets between now and then between 10am and 4pm.