An afternoon in Wollongong

Every time I go to Wollongong, I am struck by the unique character of the place. What is it about certain places that reveal something about themselves in a visual sense? For me it has a lot to do with honesty and perhaps some naivety (in a positive sense). I like places that aren't too polished or self aware. Places that don't seem to try to hard to impress visitors, let alone the locals. Wollongong is one of the rawest and most honest cities I know if in this visual sense, and this afternoon the colour of Wollongong lept out and demanded to be photographed. The colour of the place made me stop over and over, to get out and retrace some ground that I had just seen from moving car. Photographs were made of hand-painted signs, shopfronts and a service station, amongst other things. The colour was extraordinary. Sometimes you just feel a place, and the light is a big part of that feeling, making everything glow right in front of you. These days are wonderful for a photographer.