The Prime Minister's Christmas Party

This afternoon I was commissioned to photograph the Prime Minister's Christmas Party at The Lodge in Canberra. I arrived early, as I had never been to the Prime Minister's residence before. Apart from meeting the PM's staff and having a look around, I was able to chat to the wait staff who were also milling around, waiting for guests to arrive.

I asked the eight of them who were there if they would all like to pose for me, and they all happily agreed. When asked why I shot their portraits by a member of the PM's staff, I started talking about the August Sander exhibition that was at the AGNSW a few years back, and how he photographed everyday people and scenes in Germany, and how wonderful I think his work is.

So here are my Sander inspired portraits of the waiters.

Waiters prior to the Prime Minister's Christmas Party at The Lodge, Canberra (Nov 2016).