Mark Cohen "Frame" review by Sean O'Hagan

In 2013 I visited Paris to see, amongst other things, Paris Photo. Whilst there I tried to see as many exhibitions as possible, as it was the Month of Photography, when book fairs, workshops and photography related programs are everywhere. It is well worth a visit for any photography enthusiast (notwithstanding the terrible shooting that took place in Paris in November 2015).
The stand out from this trip was my visit to Le Bal, and the exhibition Dark Knees, by American photographer Mark Cohen. I was struck by his black and white, and colour photographs. It was a monumental exhibition that deserved a lot of time on both floors of the gallery space.
I wont go in to much detail about Cohen's work, but I highly recommend that you research his work for yourself. What I want to do is point people in the direction of The Guardian's Photography Critic Sean O'Hagan's recent review of Cohen's new book, Frame.
O'Hagan delivers a succinct introduction to Cohen's work and his last par sums it all up.
I wont spoil it, you'll have to read the article - and it's well worth a read too).

There is also a pretty crazy short film of Cohen at work..