Looking for Portrait Sitters

I've been in my studio at ANCA in Dickson for just over a year now and I am always captivated by the natural afternoon light that streams in the during this time of year. Following a recent portrait series that I did at Gorman House in late 2014, I'd like to invite people to come and sit for a portrait in my studio. While the last project was made with lights on location, this series will be with natural light only, so it will really depend on the light each day. There is no time limit on this project, it's just something that I'd like to do when anyone is keen. Please feel free to pass this onto family and friends, colleagues and neighbours. There is no fee (either to or from me) for participation and I only plan to spend a short period of time on each sitter. 

All portraits will be made in afternoons/early evenings.

Please contact me if you would like to participate. The idea is that a series of portraits will build over time...

This is the natural light in my studio at 6pm on 11 March 2015.