body language | Working on a book of portraits

Late last year I was one of 16 Artists In Residence at Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra. The Project Space residency was a two-month program that gave artists the opportunity to use a large hall at Gorman House as a quasi-studio, with the possibility of engaging with the public.

I set up a portable studio on Saturday mornings for five weeks in August and September, and invited people visiting the weekend markets to pose for a portrait. Honestly, I was pretty dumbfounded by people's enthusiasm to participate, as I had no idea how keen people would be. I just set the backdrop and lights up and hoped for the best....

On average I got about 20-25 portraits each week, individuals and groups, families and friends, partners and lovers. After each session I uploaded my images from that day, made an edit and sent the sitters a high-res image of their portrait that I selected. 

It has been a few months now since I have looked at these images, and I have just had a bout of enthusiasm to make a small book of these portraits with the new BookWright software from Blurb. When I saw the quality of my good friend's (and great photographer Garry Trinh) recently made book, I decided to open the files and give it a go. 

After a few editing and sequencing changes, I have uploaded my first draft and and now eagerly awaiting it in the post......

I have called the book body language.