It must be a Mirage....

Driving to Sydney last Wednesday evening, I stopped in at the Pheasants Nest servo, my favourite place on the Hume Hwy between Canberra and Sydney where great coffee can be had for $1. As I was leaving the rest stop and making my way back on to the freeway, I passed a rather bizarre scene, a Mirage jet fighter strapped down on the back of a transport truck in the parking area. It turns out the jet was being transported to the HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Museum) in Albion Park from Victoria. The team moving it have every intention to restore the plane to full working (flying) order.

The Mirage III jet fighter was used in the 60's and 70's by the Royal Australian Air Force, and if restoration plans go as scheduled, this jet will be the only one of it's kind in the country to be in working order.

As you can imagine, a jet fighter plane on the back of a truck parked in Pheasants Nest does indeed cause a bit of a stir, and there were quite a few sideways glances and bystanders stopping to look at the plane (myself included).