I love shooting social photos at events and parties. Who doesn't love a good party?! When I started doing professional photography back in the early 2000's I hated doing social pics because I thought I was this great photographer and socials were beneath me. I look back and cringe at my obstinance. Photography can be done anywhere, and I find the more you photograph, the more photographs you see. 

These photos are from the 2015 CAPO AUCTION GALA that was held at Canberra Museum and Gallery on Saturday night. I was commissioned to shoot social photos for a local magazine (people smiling looking at the camera) but I also shot these photos which were fun to make.

Once that feeling gets me, I start seeing pictures everywhere and get into what photographers call 'the zone' where everything looks interesting and there are pictures everywhere you look. It is impulsive and compulsive and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I'll add these images to my growing archive of social photos and maybe one day I'll do something with them. But for now, they're here and that'll do.

I'll give a print to anyone who can guess my high school photography teacher from this set of images.