Five Seconds in India.

I have only just contact printed my medium format film from a month-long trip to India last year (2014). My 35mm film was scanned and printed a few months back, but I haven't had time to look and sequence them. Today I received an email from Blurb with the announcement of a 50% off sale, which prompted my to make a book of some of the pictures from the 35mm set.

I spent about five minutes making this book and I kind of like that. We spent a month in India (mainly in the north), but that felt like only a few seconds.

The title Five Seconds in India. is a rip off of Mark Cohen's book Five Minutes in Mexico. I really love that book, so I kind of stole the idea for my own book, but made it even quicker. I even stole the cover layout idea too.

I've ordered two copies in a soft cover and made the book (and full preview) publicly available.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.