The Big Issue

One of the jobs I really love doing is photographing vendor portraits for The Big Issue magazine.  

A few weeks ago I met and photographed Sam. Sam has had a pretty hectic life and was open about sharing it, telling me a bit about himself as we did The photo. Sam features in the current issue of the magazine, with a proud as punch smile on his face. I couldn't be happier for him.

Photographing vendors of The Big Issue is a real honour, as I'm aware just how much it means to each person to be featured in the nationwide magazine. These portraits help to provide a sense of dignity and accomplishment in each person's life and it reinforces the positive attributes that have helped them overcome serious issues and problems to be where they are today.

The vendors I have met are engaging, hard working and intelligent, just like the magazine and the people who produce it.

If you haven't read it in a while, be sure to grab a copy of The Big Issue sometime soon, it's a great read and provides an opportunity for many people to make an income, who otherwise may not be able to do so.