Portrait of Andrew Galan

In December 2014 I had the pleasure of spending a day making portraits of Canberra poet Andrew Galan. Andrew will soon be releasing a new book of his poems as well as performing at various upcoming festivals. I was keen to do something different for this project, and instead of just making a few portraits in an hour or so at one or two locations, Andrew and I agreed that we would spend the day together and I would photograph on and off as we went. Being a fellow artist Andrew embraced the idea with enthusiasm, and we were off...

Andrew had a few meetings on the day we agreed to do the shoot, and the idea was basically to hang with Andrew all day, to do whatever he had to do and to go wherever he had to go. I was to shoot pictures at different locations as the day progressed. 

The day's shoot took us around Andrew's local suburb in Canberra, to the Australian War Memorial as well as Canberra's city centre, a bookshop, and we spent some time doing portraits in Andrew's apartment. Our day ended after a few shots of Andrew at his weekly writing group with some of his fellow poets and writer friends. 

I shot nine rolls of 35mm film on the day (about 330 pictures) and that number has really made me think about how much I would have shot if I was using digital; I think that I would have shot a lot more frames if I used a digital camera. I hate to touch on the subject of film and digital, but I think it was really important that I used film for this shoot, as I never worried about what I had shot, or tried to better the compositions that I had already made.  We did some shots and then continued on our way. 

I made Andrew a small album of the photos which I recently gave him. This day-long project was a great deal of fun and also very artistically rewarding. I am very keen to explore more 'one-day shoots', so if you, or anyone you know would be interested in doing something like this, please feel free to get in touch.