Photographing Life at the End of the Night

A friend of mine made a formal pact with her partner earlier this year. The decision was a moral one (and rather timely) as the debate about same sex marriage laws was in full swing. The ceremony was beautiful and a great feast followed, with lots of dancing and drinking to end the night. I offered to photograph the pact as a present and it was a really great weekend away at Bawley Point on the South Coast of NSW.

The start to this year has been a busy one, and I have finally got around to finishing the photographs to give to my friend and her partner. I hadn't looked at the images of people dancing for a few months, and seeing them again reminded me of why I love photographing the end of the night; the uninhibited, the inebriated, the free expressions of friendship, love and lust. Regardless if it is at a wedding, a birthday party, a night club or simply an evening out, the end of the night is something that really interests me in photography.

I have been photographing a few parties lately, but for now I'll just publish some of the images from the end of the night of the formal pact, a celebration of love between two people, shared with their family and friends.