ANCA Artist David Kim

I was heading out of the studio today when I noticed a car reversed right up close to the main gate at ANCA. The car was loaded with paintings on the roof racks and I saw a man with a large painting over his head walking towards the car. As I walked towards the gate I noticed an open door to a studio that I had not yet seen inside. When I looked inside I was taken back by the colourful paintings on display; the studio looked like fluorescent paint had been thrown everywhere, the colour was electric.

David Kim approached me, returning from his car, and was about to continue loading the rest of his paintings to take over to M16 Gallery for his exhibition, which opens this Thursday night at 6pm.

We introduced ourselves and had a brief exchange about what we do. I asked David if I could make a portrait of him with all of his artworks still in the studio, I had this feeling that within only a few minutes the studio would be empty and all of David's hard work would be packed in his car and his studio wouldn't look anything it did at that moment.

I'm glad that I met David this morning and I'm happy that I could make his portrait with all of his new work. I sent a high-res copy of the photo to David this evening. 

Region of Being

Brian Hincksman, David Keany and David Kim

M16 Artspace, Canberra 13 Feb-2 Mar (Opens Thursday 13 Feb 6pm)

More info here


David Kim in his studio (click to see David's website)